Improving the profitability of your company leaving in the hands of expert consultants management of certain areas of your business. We are your alternative Outsourcing Services.

Bankruptcy law

We are specialists in insolvency situations both national and international.

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Management of strategic business solutions for growing businesses.


Resources and customized solutions for each client.

LINZ, We are a company specializing in the development Consulting business in different sectors.

Our clients are companies, universities, hospitals and Specific BIO FARMA sector companies and Public Administration.

Our enterprise customers are leaders in the sectors of health, telecommunications, bank, Energy, Tourism and leisure, Civil construction, vial, urban companies , hydraulics, railway, transport operations, technological.

Universities for which we work with nature Public and Private.

Public Administration, de Local area, National and international.

We help companies, public bodies and scientific agents- academics to innovate and to provide support in conflict resolution. We support the design, implantation, management and monitoring and obtaining funds from EU projects or other nature.

LYNX CONSULTING makes a commitment to the integral development of projects and own solutions, in which your company can rely on finding innovative solutions and services. It based on this specific project development process culminating in a proprietary solution and , It brings a richness and value that allows you to differentiate and compete in optimized and advantageous conditions and enter new markets, sectors and potential areas for business.

To carry out our work, We configure fusion 'Legal Consulting & Engineering', resulting in a meticulous project containing the wealth of technical knowledge in the various disciplines of engineering and its different business lines, and insight of an experienced legal team widely bold shot in the different subjects that make up our legal system, with extensive knowledge of different legal systems abroad.

Lince Jurists

Specialists in financial consultancy specializing in obtaining grants, loans and investments.
Lince Jurists
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📚️📚 Justice foresees an increase of more than 50.000 contests in 2021, a 639% more than 2019.

Human beings are fascinated by stories, star in your own, Accompanied by people who live your project in their own skin.
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The only long-term competitive advantage is having a more trained and motivated human team than the competition..
-Edmund Hillary-

👉 Manage the insolvency of your company ‘In Time’.
👉 Create the reality you want in your life.


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👉 The Royal Decree that prohibits dismissals for economic reasons is now available, objective and force majeure.
Companies must use the ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File), which supposes a ‘suspension’ of the contract and not a ‘dismissal’.
ERTE will last for the duration of the alarm state.
It does not oblige companies to make any compensation, the worker retains his labor rights.
During that time the worker will enjoy unemployment benefit even if he does not have a sufficient contribution.


Lince Jurists
Lince Jurists3 años hace
Royal decree law 8/2020, de 17 of March, urgent extraordinary measures to address the economic and social impact of the COVID-19

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