Service Legal and Litigation Defense.

Loans support R & D, Technological, Legal advice, Technical Support Service & Consulting, to Project Offices and various multidisciplinary Departments.

Financial Advice and Service Tax.

We provide qualified assistance in implementation, monitoring and control of projects, performing management duties, management coordination, control, etc.

Unique design initiatives and projects with ERDF funding or other.

Organizational support efforts of health activities, Sociosanitarias, Asistencial, economic, budgetary, Administrative, Personnel management.

Advising Management and Management Team.

Institutional relations. Design, implementation and monitoring of plans in collaboration with public institutions. Event Management Planning.

Legal advice on labor matters, Social Security, Occupational Health and Safety and payroll.

Evacuation of consultations, preparation and / or review of reports.

extrajudicial measures, assistance, representation and defense in trials before courts for litigation which aired in different processes.

Formalizing all kinds of resources to Courts.

Drafting of legal reports on pre-employment via complaints and advice from all kinds of issues of jobs, layoffs, recruitment, social and / or economic benefits, Collective negotiation, disciplinary proceedings, offenses and penalties personnel.

Records Advisory Restructuring Templates, all intervening negotiating process with the unions, Competent bodies and members representing workers.


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